Top 10 points to ponder when considering residential design consultation

Function + Aesthetics = Harmony in Elegant Comfort

You are looking for a home. You are not sure what you want or need: New or old, buy, rent or build; small, medium or large; what will best meet your family needs and/or desires. We can help you answer such questions and create for you the appropriate environment.

Your home is just fine. But times, fashions and family size have changed and you are ready to make some too but are not sure. We can help you see and choose options best for you and your budget.

There are a number of key things to consider when beginning the process of architectural & interior consultation.

  1. What are your space requirements?
  2. New or existing?
  3. If new, what's needed, wanted, anticipated?
  4. If old, can it be changed, modernized, expanded? How?
  5. Requirements vs. Desires.
  6. Time element: All at once, or in stages?
  7. Furnishings: What's best, where and why?
  8. Lighting: Best for function and atmosphere
  9. Drapery, floor coverings, wall finish, in balanced color schemes.
  10. How to get the most of the best most economically?