Office Sweet Home Office

For another design competition, URODESIGNS created a home office layout and design that successfully forecasted trends for decades to come.
URODESIGNS incorporated a customized shelving system, track-based task lighting and maximum useable work areas within the confines of a typically small space. The resulting space garnered an award from Pennsylvania East chapter of ASID.

Improve aesthetic and function while repurposing furniture

Sometimes a customer wants to continue using their existing furniture, but seeks to improve the function and aesthetics of residential their living space. URODESIGNS specializes in these use cases, and goes further by also managing to incorporate the customer's art collection and provide guidance for floor and wall treatments.
URODESIGNS reused the customer's sectional furniture and chairs, and incorporated elements of the customers collection of clocks as showpieces for the improved living and dining areas.

Ahead of the times with styles and trends

URODESIGNS was awarded first place for Annual Design Excellence Competition by the Pennsylvania East ASID chapter for the design of a guest bedroom and bathroom.

Top 10 points to ponder when considering residential design consultation

Function + Aesthetics = Harmony in Elegant Comfort

You are looking for a home. You are not sure what you want or need: New or old, buy, rent or build; small, medium or large; what will best meet your family needs and/or desires. We can help you answer such questions and create for you the appropriate environment.

Your home is just fine. But times, fashions and family size have changed and you are ready to make some too but are not sure. We can help you see and choose options best for you and your budget.

Design Basics, Part 2

Moving or relocating is your time to inventory and reuse much of your furniture. It also presents you with an opportunity to create new styles and designs. Listen to Jolanta Urban from URODesigns explain the process she followed with just such an opportunity with one of her clients during an episode of Design Basics.

Home Office Designs Basics

On an episode of Design Basics, Jolanta Urban from URODESIGNS reviews the design process, client requirements and her solutions for designing a home office for a professional couple.

Residential space planning and exterior makeover

This beach community premium corner property was a complete space planning audit and design in order to accommodate zoning restricitions preventing any addition to size or height of the original home.

Preplanned Community Residential

If you live in a predesigned housing community, where your house is among only a handful of layouts, how do you transform that space into your own look? 


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