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Sometimes a customer wants to continue using their existing furniture, but seeks to improve the function and aesthetics of residential their living space.

This beach community premium corner property was a complete space planning audit and design in order to accommodate zoning restricitions preventing any addition to size or height of the original home.

Transformation of residential living room space into a brighter, more open and more inviting space while adding a bedroom.

If you live in a predesigned housing community, where your house is among only a handful of layouts, how do you transform that space into your own look? 

URODESIGNS is based in Vineland, NJ and offers:

  • Architecture Services
    • New construction
    • Additions and remodeling
  • Architectural Design Services
    • Improving and optimizing interior residential living spaces
    • Residential Kitchen including cabinetry and appliances
    • Residential Bedroom and bathrooms
  • Interior Design Services with specific in-depth experience in
    • Furniture and finishing, in all types and styles
    • Window treatments, including blinds and shades 
    • Lighting, including low-voltage, energy-efficient solutions, and modern fixture designs
  • Commercial Design Services including
    • Showrooms and exhibit spaces
    • Meeting and conference rooms
    • Working spaces