Ahead of the times with styles and trends

URODESIGNS was awarded first place for Annual Design Excellence Competition by the Pennsylvania East ASID chapter for the design of a guest bedroom and bathroom.

In this design, URODESIGNS used modern pre-war bedroom furniture, and defined the "Deja Vu all over again" style, before other designers picked up on this trend. At the time of this competition, the overall design was a return to the streamlined shapes in furniture and accessories popular in the 1950s. The guestroom and bath were an invitation to be reacquainted with standbys of that era: light wood, and a range of yellow pastels with contrasting color accents.

Key points of interest: furniture from the golden era of the 50's in central Europe, an era marked by solid craftmanship; lighting from a Polipo lamp, an Italian contemporary design reminiscent of the 1950s; original accessories such as the black porcelain Italian vase, or Cloisonné trays made in California.

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