Top 10 Points to consider when undertaking a Commercial Architectural & Interior project

Function + Aesthetics = Harmony in Elegant Comfort

You want your employees to boost production? You know your staff must be content in its place to work to function at its best. What then is the most appropriate office for your needs? We can tell and show you.

You want your clients to feel comfortable in your office? What decor will be conducive to doing business with you? We can tell and show you.

There are a number of key things to consider when beginning the process of commercial architectural & interior consultation.

  1. How large?
  2. Who, how many, does what, where, how and why?
  3. Labor intensive, leisurely creative, or both?
  4. Traffic patterns, ease of movement, accessibility?
  5. Psychologically best light, color(s), texture(s)?
  6. Treatment of windows, walls, floors, ceilings?
  7. Furniture: Type and correct placement?
  8. Art: Modern or traditional; paintings, prints, sculpture?
  9. Ancillary amenities from ashtrays to plants.
  10. Keep within budget.